CCF Coffee Hour Well Attended

The first “CCF Coffee Hour” was enjoyed by fifty people this past Thursday at Central Perk. With background acoustic guitar provided by Josh Romine and Patrick O’Sullivan, Art from David and , and historical photos and maps compliments of the Society for History, the assembled crowd spent two hours just enjoying the Culture of Central. This was the first public event hosted by the Central Cultural Foundation.

The next CCF Coffee Hour will be at 7 PM on Thursday, July 26th, also at Central Perk, whose staff stayed late to provide their usual tasty assortment of coffees, pastries and sandwiches. This first Coffee Hour was purely a “Meet and Greet” where persons interested in Centrals rich history and talented Arts community could gather and enjoy the culture and the conversation. Watch the newspaper for details about the next CCF Coffee Hour. A few candids of the event are in the slide show below.


The CCF Coffee Hour: A New and Unique Central Experience

Come out to Central Perk next Thursday evening, July 12th, at 7PM for music, art and discussion of Central History.  The newly established Central Cultural Foundation (CCF) is hosting the “CCF Coffee Hour” as a way to encourage and promote appreciation of the arts and history found in Central.

Local husband and wife artists David and Karen McCormick will display some of their art and will be on hand to visit.  Meanwhile, Central musician Josh Romine will provide acoustic guitar music during the event and there will be Central historical information and maps on display as discussion starters for those interested in the roots of the community.

This is an informal evening of visiting and cultural appreciation so drop by any time between 7 and 8:30, spend a few minutes looking and listening, and enjoy a cup of coffee or a sandwich or pastry from Central Perk’s kitchen.  This will be the first of two “CCF Coffee Hours” in July, the second scheduled for 7PM on Thursday, July 26th also at Central Perk.

Gathering Together the Culture of Central

Commentary by Dave Freneaux
    Before I lose anyone’s attention, remember to come out to the “CCF Coffee Hour” at 7PM next Thursday, July 12th at Central Perk.  Now I will tell you why.
Central has a fairly new Community Theatre group, but the people of Central have been acting for generations.  Central has a new Community Chorus, but the people of Central have been singing for over 200 years.  Central’s Art League was formed in 2008, but artists have been creating art in Central as long as there have been people living here.  My point is, Culture is not new IN Central, culture is simply new in the NAME of Central.
      What we are seeing is a “Gathering Together”, as a community.  This gathering started in the name of our School System, continued in the name of the City of Central, and is now expanding to include a formal support of Culture.  The Central Cultural Foundation (CCF) was formed in recent months to promote the enjoyment of The Arts and the preservation of History in the Central area.  This is just the next step in the “gathering” of Culture in the NAME of Central.
    Hats off to the founders of the Central Community Theatre, the Art League of Central and the Central Community Chorus.  BIG thanks are owed to Vicki Carney and the Central/Greenwell Springs Area Society of History who have done so much over the years to preserve the story of Central’s beginnings.  Finally, we all appreciate the culture brought to us by the various businesses and studios that have brought dance, music and other arts to our children over the years.
    One vision of the Central Cultural Foundation (CCF) is to help support and facilitate the “Gathering of Culture” and showcasing it for the people of Central.  We don’t have a movie theater, but next Thursday evening Central has something better…real culture.  Stop in for the “CCF Coffee Hour” at Central Perk between 7 and 8 PM and have a cup of coffee, listen to acoustic guitar, visit with local artists, and talk Central History with our local experts.  There will be a second CCF Coffee Hour on July 26th.  If this is well received you can expect the CCF Coffee Hour to be a very regular “Gathering of Culture” in Central.  Now THAT…is Good News for a Great City.